To start off, my name is Aubree, I am 24, and I have an obsession with food, wine and my dog.

I grew up spending all my free time observing my great grandma in the kitchen, she would create these amazing Spanish meals from scratch, and I knew from a young age that I wanted to cook like her. As I got older my grandma would let me help out more and more and my love for cooking grew each time I stepped foot into her kitchen.

As time went on I learned our family recipes, that came straight from Spain, and enjoyed making them for my friends and family. Throughout high school I took the basic culinary class they offered, and senior year ended up being in both classes, taking in as much as I could. Although I knew cooking wasnt going to be my career, I still took pleasure in cooking as much as I could and sharing my creations when everyone I could.

From Pinterest to online blogs, I love taking all the recipes I can find and making them my own. I enjoy adding ‘my touch’ to everything I make and sharing the creations with the ones I love.


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